KRA Corporation/Camden Staff Honored by Mayors Youth Council

In a recent Honoree’s Reception held at Camden County Community College, two of KRA Corporation’s staff members—Anita Williams Davis and Indiya Frazier—were recognized for their outstanding contributions by the Camden City Mayors Youth Council (MYC)*.

Davis, a KRA Corporation Program Manager, was the recipient of no less than two Certificates of Recognition for Corporate Leadership in acknowledgment of both her personal and professional accomplishments and services provided to the Camden, New Jersey community. The first of her awards came from the MYC, while the second was bestowed by the Camden County Board of Freeholders.

KRA Corporation Outreach Specialist, Frazier, was honored with the MYC’s Young Adult Achievement award, awarded to those who inspire peers and youth to volunteer, who consistently perform acts of kindness, and who are committed to community initiatives.

Davis, who serves on the Education and Employment Committee for the MYC, joined the organization in 2010. As one of KRA’s foremost experts on workforce development programs serving jobseekers with limited or no work experience, she directs the operations of a multi-service TANF and WIA training and job-placement program for youth and adults, the Job Skills Training Directly Related to Employment Program**,

Joining the KRA team as an OSY Career Agent, Frazier moved into an Outreach Specialist position, where she works with GA and TANF customers, as well as youth enrolled in WIA/OSY.  An MYC member since 2011, Frazier’s experience and expertise are utilized on three MYC Committees: Health and Government, Performing Arts and Educational Training.

KRA Corporation President & CEO, Knowlton R. Atterbeary, commented:

“We are extremely proud of Ms. Davis’ and Ms. Frazier’s accomplishments and recognition.  It’s important to note that they are not required to devote their valuable time and energy to the MYC; they volunteer for this worthy organization that provides Camden’s young people with an active role in addressing issues that affect them.  All of KRA congratulates Anita and Indiya on their dedication to community involvement and service on behalf of Camden’s young people.”

*Since 2008, the City of Camden has sponsored the MYC, which convenes twice a month to participate in committee meetings, team-building trainings, leadership seminars, and public-speaking workshops. During the summer, the MYC researches youth programs available in Camden neighborhoods and conducts a survey of their peers to identify important issues affecting the City’s youth. Throughout the school year, they meet with each other, as well as local youth organizations, to discuss the issues identified from their survey. Mayor Redd meets with the Council to listen and respond to their issues and regularly invites the Police Commissioner, Human Services Chief, and School Superintendent to be part of these meetings so they can address issues immediately.

**KRA/Camden serves four distinct jobseeker populations.  Area businesses benefit greatly, as candidates from all four programs receive training, pre-screening, referral, and follow-up services based on the requirements of individual employers.  For TANF recipients, the (1) Community Work Experience/Job Skills Training Program (CWEP/JST) provides assessment, career coaching, job-readiness/life-skills training, community-based work experience, and job-placement and services.  The (2) General Assistance Program (GA) provides the same services as CWEP/JST, but for individuals who do not have children in their care.  For young customers not enrolled in a school, the 3) Youth Employability and Success Program provides GED preparation, as well as training and certification in Microsoft Digital Literacy and Hospitality Services.  The (4) Open Entry Program serves jobseekers who have been sanctioned for previous non-compliance with TANF rules and regulations.


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